Easing the Ex-perience.

Parenting Together offers some of the best co-parenting tools FOR FREE!. We offer a secure, neutral place for parents to manage and share parenting time schedules, appointments (shared calendar), child-related expenses, communication, information and more.

How it works

Quote From A Professional:
"I am a parenting coordinator and came across Parenting Together in my search for ways to help my clients to coordinate their parenting through better communication technology. I have worked with < compititor's name removed > and find it complicated and not very user friendly. My clients find it costly and also very complicated to navigate. I have also used a few limited application for parenting coordination but they all fell short of what I needed for my clients.

I looked around at your website and the features of Parenting Together appear to be just what I was looking for in an application."

What We Offer

A powerful, easy-to-use, child custody calendar
A centralized, shared, event calendar
The ability to store non shareable documents securely
A non-modifiable mechanism for communication - as simple as e-mail
The ability to store, manage, and view children's expenses
The ability to store personal, non shareable notes
The ability to store, view, and manage shared contacts